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This site is currently being updated.  Pawsitive Energy is merging with The Real Pit Bull, Inc to form a nonprofit organization meant to bring positive change in communities which dogs are a part of,  and to promote peaceful interspecies interaction via educational programs and outreach that includes proper care and training programs for dogs.


Dobby is learning focus in one of our training classes.
Dobby is learning focus in one of our training classes.
PAWSitive Energy is all about bringing positivity & truthful light into the world. 
There is so much focus on what we don’t want, what we need to avoid, what to stop, what we hate – our goal is to create a paradigm shift in the way we view our dogs, their behavior, and our own lives.   Focusing on what we DO want from our dogs, each other and ourselves,  recognizing what is realistic, and being clear about our intentions, is a powerful way to build relationships and create almost magical change.
Ellie working on balance and fitness on exercise equipment.